September 15, 2019


My newest novel, The Class of 1964, has just been published. (eBook and Paperback)

Marty, a budding writer, and a group of his friends—locals and immigrants, the less fortunate and the well off—graduate in 1964  from a small town high school in northernThe Class of 1964 Virginia, all promising each other to attend their 50th reunion. Observing his friends at the prom, Marty recollects the rebellious and defiant school years that for many of them had been demanding beyond their youth.

As decades pass their paths diverge and they emerge from the influence of their parents, many of whom experienced the barbarity of World War II.

Eventually, the anticipated reunion approaches and they must face the changes time brought to their lives. What became of them and how did they get there? Did they catch the Nazi war criminal hiding in Latin America as they all committed to before the graduation? Will the activist, the global executive and the poker player settle their differences? How did the lawyer, the doctor, the Navy commander, the scientist and Marty deal with the traumas of the past? Were the homeless alcoholic, the handyman and the gay CIA agent with his math-teacher partner able to start new lives? Will the suicidal Vietnam Vet attend?

Their life stories full of diverse and overlapping plots, crises and triumphs, conflicts, loves and friendships prove the wisdom of Marty’s high school commencement speech. He predicted that not all of them will become whatever they want because not everybody is dealt the same cards or the same card-playing skills. When they meet at the 50th reunion, he traces their lives since the graduation. The leader of the group and the link keeping them together over the years, Marty is the real author of The Class of 1964,  telling the story about himself and his friends.

I invite you to follow the story of this group—sandwiched between their Greatest Generation parents and their Generation X children. You will recognize many chapters from your own lives, and will re-live your past and re-examine the influences that prompted you to make the choices you have made. Many of you will be encouraged to share untold life stories with your own families, who will want to read my book to learn more about their parents’ time.

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November 21, 2019

Joyce Chambers
Great read!
November 27, 2019
Graham Morrison
The most recent Szumanski novel,The Class of 1964 traces a group of high school kids from graduation to their 50th reunion. Along the way Szumanski skillfully weaves a plot to identify and ultimately catch a Nazi war criminal by forming a sub group some of whom had a connection with the war through their parents..The mixture of nostalgia,history and geography works well however the number of participants and their respective traits, idiosyncracies and business pursuits keeps the reader on his toes.

A very good read



December 6, 2019

Lena Rotmensz

This book is very well-written. The plot is exciting and engaging and I enjoyed following the lives of the class of 1964. The author captured the essence of that era. There is a lot of adventure among each character. It is a real page-turner! I finished the book in 2 days. Highly recommended!

2 thoughts on “NEW RELEASES”

  1. Alan Walker
    at the risk of stating the usual cliche, I have to say that once you start this book, it is difficult to stop. this book takes us on a fascinating journey through the lives of people for 50 years , weaving back and forth in time, as Mike does an outstanding job of developing the characters so that we really feel like we know them , can relate to them and are invested in them. Like all wonderful journeys this one sadly comes to an end. Hopefully there will be a new journey for us from Mike in the near future.


  2. Reading Szumanskis book, ”The Class of 1964”, gives me flashbacks to my own Class of 1970. But I must admit, that my youth was much more safe and quiet than Marty’s, the main charactor. Szumanski is telling the reader a story through Marty, about dreams, love, hate and all the hope for the future that the post war generation carried with them, told in the shadow of the Vietnam War, Nazis still alive and parents who lived the World War Two. We are given a conglomerate of teenagers growing old, and each of them fighting their own way through life until they finally meet Again, 50 years later. Some of them have been following each other, and some will never come to the reunion because their life wasn’t long enough. But each of them following their own dreams, as any youngster, some of them destroying the dream because of their legacy from the past. And some fullfilling the dream.

    Some very tough chapters about nazi crime and the fight against it gives me hope for a better future, but as in Szumanski’s book, you have to fight for it.

    Just read it. Now.
    J. H. Pedersen


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