A Personal Journey

Mike Szumanski was born in Poland.

In 1969, as a Jewish political refugee, he arrived to Denmark where he completed his education, earned Danish citizenship, and lived for more than a decade before his professional life brought him to the United States. Years later, he became US citizen. Mike’s upbringing by Jewish parents, who in Communist Poland hid their identities, pretending to be “normal” catholic Poles, developed in him a tendency to secrecy, mistrust and suspicion, and an urge to verify facts presented to him as truths.

A Writer’s Quest

Fluent in four languages, Mike has chosen English to tell the stories of his characters whose lives are permeated with the complex and everlasting drama of East and West—past and present—which he has experienced personally from both sides. As an immigrant twice over, he has firsthand knowledge of the emotional complexities and idiosyncrasies of immigration. Mike’s multicultural background and more than forty years of worldwide travels lend authenticity to his stories about global affairs, crime and transatlantic espionage. Mike has been fortunate to get close to many fascinating people who inspire the memorable and often nefarious characters he creates.
The first two novels, The Immigrants and The End Game, Mike wrote on weekends and during long international flights. The Siblings and his newest release, The Class of 1964, are the fruit of a full time passion.

Mike lives with his wife, Maria, in Los Angeles, California, where he writes literary fiction for grownups as well as books for children.

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