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After terror attacks six time zones apart, in a small park in Northern Virginia and in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, scores of 4th of July celebrants die and hundreds are injured. An unknown Islamist organization claims responsibility in Copenhagen, while the US government blames suicide bombers with ties to al-Qaeda for the American attack, deeming the two events to be unconnected.  Adam Stepowski, an investigative lawyer who witnesses the horror in Virginia, while his younger son escapes unharmed from the Danish attack, doesn’t believe in coincidences. With his family, a Russian girl, and a retired CIA operative, Adam launches an independent investigation on both sides of the Atlantic. The facts he discovers contradict the official version proclaimed by the White House. Adam uses his international experience to find the link between Virginia and Denmark. As the mystery unfolds, Adam races to find an answer that will be more complex and alarming than he had imagined.

The End Game

While taking care of his wife, during her struggle with breast cancer, Adam Stepowski investigates money transfers from an American manufacturer to numbered Zurich bank accounts of phantom Soviet, Russian and Polish companies, and tries to expose the faces behind them.When his family is threatened, the investigative lawyer realizes that he must have come close to some secret knowledge, and is forced into a dangerous game against shadowy opponents at home in the US, across Europe, in Russia, and in Kazakhstan. Stepowski uncovers a clandestine network planning a terror attack which, if not stopped, would lead to a global madness. To prevent it, Adam allies with unexpected partners.


When a Vice President of a large equipment manufacturer in northern Virginia is found 41uSEIJFiuL._UY250_[1]strangled in his house, and his eight-year-old son is missing, the police arrest his Russian ex-wife. Adam Stepowski, an investigative lawyer, takes up the defense of the accused. The seemingly routine murder develops into a case of post Cold-War era industrial and military espionage. Adam’s transatlantic investigation branches out to include an alleged Nazi criminal, now living in Texas, who during World War II had been a guard in a forced-labor camp in Poland. Searching for the missing pieces to the homicide, the espionage, and the Nazi criminal puzzles, Adam relives his turbulent life as a Jewish emigrant from the communist Poland of the Sixties.

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